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Forest Planting

If you’re thinking about planting a forest as an investment, expert advice at the outset will see your returns maximised in the future. This is where our experience counts.


We are forest planting specialists, establishing new forests and replanting existing forests after harvest. Our largest planting year saw the successful establishment of over 4000 hectares of new plantings.

We use control pollinated seedstocks which are audited on delivery.

Forestry planting services

  • Initial property inspection
  • Advice on appropriate species and regimes
  • Preparing budgets and feasibility studies
  • Pre plant preparation
  • Sourcing tree stocks and contractors
  • Organising contracts, agreeing on price and planting prescription
  • Consultation with Iwi, neighbours and local and regional authorities
  • Land preparation including roading, vegetation clearance, desiccation and pest control
  • Supervise planting, audit tree stock deliveries
  • Implementing quality control procedures during planting
  • Release spraying by Growsafe Approved Contractors
  • Post plant survival counting