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Our Forest Management Team

FMNZ has been operating since 1974 and our team has over 250 years of combined industry experience. We offer superior service in every aspect of managing your forest. It is the reason we achieve excellent returns for our clients on their forestry investments.

As we form long-term relationships with our clients, it’s important for us to put the best possible people on-site. This translates to consistently high standards of work. We also encourage our people to broaden their skills with ongoing training.

FMNZ Steve Bell

Steve Bell

Joint CEO

fmnz sally sisson

Sally Sisson

Joint CEO

FMNZ Rory Bennison

Rory Bennison

Land Information and Technical Forest Manager

Nathan Wallace

Assistant Forest Manager

FMNZ Paul van Der Voort

Paul Rouppe Van der Voort

Harvest Manager

FMNZ Ian Bell

Ian Bell

Woodflow & Log Marketing Coordinator

FMNZ Roxane Price

Roxane Price

Harvest Administrator

FMNZ Cobus Visage

Cobus Visagie

Forest Roading Engineer

FMNZ Matt Doyle

Matt Doyle

Resource Optimisation Coordinator

FMNZ Mark Roper

Mark Roper

Environmental Forester & Principal Ecologist

FMNZ Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders

Geographic Information System Technician

FMNZ Fraser Cunningham

Fraser Cunningham

Harvest Planner

fmnz jason osborn

Jason Osborn

West Coast Operations Manager

Daniel Murdie

Harvest Coordinator

FMNZ Tony Brightwell

Tony Brightwell

Harvest Coordinator

FMNZ Sam Scott

Sam Scott

Harvest Coordinator

FMNZ Jade Phillips

Jade Phillips

Harvest Coordinator

FMNZ Luke Williams

Luke Williams

Harvest Coordinator

FMNZ Richard Airey

Richard Airey

Forest Supervisor

Anthony Bowden

Assistant Forest Supervisor

FMNZ Hamish Strachan

Hamish Strachan

Assistant Forest Supervisor

Lena Gibbs

ETS Administrator / Forest Admin

FMNZ Nadine Valentine

Nadine Valentine

Napier Office Receptionist / Administrator