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Forest Management

Maximising Your Forest Value

Effective forest management comes from experience. Our team has over 250 years combined industry expertise, managing in excess of 35,000 hectares of forestry. This is where we make a difference for our clients, providing them with the best forest management service to enable them to maximise their forest value.


Forestry is a long-term investment, but the returns are worth the wait. It is vital to manage your forest correctly through each stage in order to achieve the best results…


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FMNZ is a family owned and operated company. Established in 1974, we specialise in all aspects of forest management…



Our team rates highly in New Zealand for industry experience. We work hard and listen to our clients to achieve our client’s goals…


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We consider the environment and plan out the best route to ensure our operations have minimal short and long term effects…


Whether you’re thinking about planting a forest, have an existing forest or are ready for harvest, we can provide you with comprehensive services at realistic costs. Our key services include planting, silviculture, mapping, harvesting and emissions trading.

Forest management is a long-term relationship with people and the environment. If you want to see your forestry investment grow to its maximum potential, contact us today.