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Forest Harvesting & Marketing

Forest harvesting is the time when the investment in your forest comes to fruition. How your forest is managed during harvest impacts directly on your returns.

We have a division of FMNZ solely dedicated to the management of log sales to ensure maximum revenue is achieved.

How we maximise your returns

The income you earn from harvesting is maximised by working with an experienced harvest management team that focuses on maximising value recovery while minimising costs. We engage multiple experienced harvest, forest roading and transport operators to ensure the best solution is applied to your situation.

Our harvesting and marketing team can look after all aspects of your harvest, ensuring superior performance is achieved in value recovery, environmental & safety management and productivity.

We have staff dedicated to harvest planning, environmental and safety management, harvesting, roading, marketing and value recovery. Our harvest reporting is clear, detailed and transparent so you are informed throughout the harvest process.

At the completion of the job each site is checked with a post harvest audit and remediated to ensure it complies with consenting requirements.

Planning for forest harvesting

Planning for harvest should be carried out years ahead of the operation. A detailed inventory of your tree crop provides valuable information for carrying out a cost benefit analysis. We have staff experienced in pre harvest inventory and have the capacity to generate yield tables in house through YT Gen.

Our harvest planning team can work with you to plan the infrastructure needed to successfully harvest your forest.

Good planning prior to harvest is critical to maximising harvest returns for minimum input.