At FMNZ, we recognise that harvest is the time when the investment in your forest is realised. Harvesting is the business end of a forest investment and long rotations dictate that you do it once and do it right.

Our aim is to maximise your income by working with experienced harvest and roading crews along with transport operators to ensure this is the case.

We will manage all aspects of the harvest operation and our supervisors will ensure quality performance is achieved in value recovery, environmental management and productivity while at the same time, maintaining a safe and tidy site.

Harvest Planning

Harvest planning is best carried out a few years ahead of any planned harvest operation.
Paper plans identify the proposed locations of roading and harvesting infrastructure,
including the most efficient hauler locations. This provides relevant information for a
harvesting cost benefit analysis which allows the forest owner to make a reasoned
decision about when to harvest. Good planning prior to harvest is the key to maximising
harvest returns for the minimum input.

We are able to meet harvest planning needs and provide the following services:

  • Mapping

  • Roading

  • Inventory

  • Resource consents

The friendly FMNZ staff knew exactly what I was looking for from the get go and answered any questions I had in detail. Their excellent service exceeded my expectations and made the whole experience extremely worthwhile. Click here for more testimonials

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