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Achieving a mature harvest first requires an element of judgement – such as ignoring a lot of misinformed but probably well-meaning advice from family and friends about whether or not to invest in forestry. 

Next comes the effort to have the forest established.  But next to the decision to invest in forestry is the selection of who will manage the forest harvest.

At the time of deciding whether or not to invest in forestry I was not aware that Forest Management (NZ) Ltd existed.  At the time of harvest I was pleased I did.  Selecting a Forest Management Company is not easy.  Most of us never do this more than once.  So my wife and I made a list of companies, and a list of requirements and met each of them.  We also judiciously asked around.

To be fair we were spoilt for choice – all three companies we visited seemed capable, competent and honest.  That said, we selected Forest Management (NZ) Ltd and were pleased we did for our 50 hectare forest at Tutira in Hawkes Bay.

What made them stand out was the strength of the team.  Led by Steve Bell, one had the confidence that they had an incredible amount of knowledge of the industry and its dynamics.  The advice was comprehensive from consents, roading, pricing and keeping costs under control.  We were kept informed by a detailed monthly report on all income and expenses, delivered on the same day each month as promised. 

My assessment of Forest Management (NZ) Ltd is that within the team there is a very high level of intellectual knowledge and a wealth of experience.  They are proud of their reputation and rightly so.

Overall an excellent result.  But what is not to be underestimated is that one has confidence that the operation is in competent hands.  Who wants to wake up every morning with concerns about how the harvest is being conducted? 

We are now continuing our relationship with Forest Management (NZ) Ltd for the replanting programme and for the Carbon Credit Management.’

Stuart and Alison Riden

Forest Owners

I farm 315 Hectares at Mangatahi some 30 kilometres west of Napier and Hastings, and have just recently completed a successful harvesting operation of my original 1984 planting.

Using Forest Management New Zealand Limited to negotiate best market prices, access, Resource Consents, contractors etc. was carried out in a professional and efficient manner; as was the replanting of the same nineteen hectare block.
I have a forest of some 120 hectares, a growing valuable resource that will depend on the expertise of the personnel at Forest Management to optimise and sustain this asset.

I have no hesitation to recommend FMNZ to manage any forestry situation.

Graham De Gruchy

Forest Owner


I have had association with Forest Management New Zealand for three to four years. They have given advice regarding our forest (Glenburn Forest Ltd) and have also completed all work regarding the new Emissions Trading Scheme, for Glenburn Forest and also three other Forests own by partnerships which we administer.

We have found Steve Bell and the rest of the Forest Management Team to be a very efficient and competent in all respects. Their integrity and honesty are beyond reproach.

They have the ability to produce first class results, even at short notice.

The Forest Management Team are highly regarded where ever they go, as are the contractors and others associated with them.

I would most sincerely recommend them to anyone or organisation contemplating employing or contracting them for any forestry or associated work.

John McFadzean 

Forest Owner

The McVicar family has been farming on the Napier Taupo Highway for over 50 years; part of our operation includes a Pre 1990 forest.

Originally we decided to handle the ETS credit application ourselves but after getting all the documentation from MAF and ending up totally confused starting canvassing around for someone to handle the application for us.

Our inquiries led us to Forest Management [NZ] Ltd. and a meeting with Steve Bell. His down to earth explanation of the process was such that we [the family] left the first meeting totally convinced that the company knew what they were doing and we gratefully contracted his company to handle our application.

Steve and the team have kept us in touch as things evolved and the whole process has gone very smoothly, on time and at the quoted price.

We have no hesitation in recommending Forest Management [NZ] Ltd.

Garth McVicar

Forest Owner


My son and I have been dealing with Forest Management NZ LTD to secure ETS credits on Pre 1990 forest. Documentation had to be meticulous when dealing with MAF and we give the team full marks for batting on our behalf.
The process took 3 months and we now have shares in a new holding account.

We enjoyed working with the team and the account was more than reasonable. If you have Pre 1990 or Post 1989 plantings we recommend you contact them for advice.

Tom Hartree

Forest Owner


Forest Management NZ LTD was absolutely brilliant when we asked for help at incredibly short notice. We had wanted for a long time to plant up some rough East Coast country but didn't want it covered in Pinus radiata.
We were putting in a couple of hundred poplar poles for erosion control each winter, but making no headway toward our dream of planting up the property in species that could one day yield some high quality timber for our grandchildren.

The opportunity finally arose when we were lucky enough to receive an afforestation grant. The first thing we did was turn to Steve Bell in Napier. We'd heard about his forestry expertise, and he lived up to his reputation every step of the way.
He helped us map out the planting areas and choose suitable species for the local climate, then sourced them for us. He organised the planting and release spraying and kept us well informed every step of the way.
We now have a thriving young forest, which we wouldn't have achieved without Steve and Forest Management NZ LTD.

Kathy Webb

Land Owner

Through my association with Roger Dickie New Zealand LTD I have had many dealings with the staff of Forest Management NZ LTD.

I remember meeting Richard Bourne in the Auckland airport in January 2000. From that day on Roger Dickie NZ has been an indispensable tool enabling me to invest in NZ forestry. I remember flying with Roger over the North Island looking for the right property and when we found it he negotiated the purchase and turned me over to the legal and accounting team necessary for an American to purchase coastal land and change it's use to forestry.

The team at Forest Management NZ LTD has built roads, planted and maintained a forest and olive grove and overseen construction of new buildings. The firms have recently led us into the world of carbon credits and we have invested in a limited partnership to take advantage of that opportunity. Forest Management NZ LTD have registered our forest in Mahia with the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme and carry out the administration of the associated carbon credits. As a family we look foward to a long and profitable relationship with the firms.

John C Tuten

Forest Owner

We currently lease land from Forest Management New Zealand as part of our farming operation on the Mahia Peninsula. We regard the relationship we have with FMNZ as critical in driving the success of our farming business whilst still upholding the owners expectations.
Steve Bell has been the person we have dealt with in negotiating contracts, planning development, and discussing day to day issues.
We meet regularly, and communicate frequently and this certainly makes life easier! From our perspective dealing with FMNZ, they have proven to be professional, reliable and honest in their approach and it is a pleasure to be involved in their business.

Pat & Sue O’Brien

Taharoa Trust
Mahia Peninsula

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