Our Operation

Our head office is situated in Waverley on the West Coast of the North Island, where our company and forest administration is carried out. All our forests are physically managed from our offices in Napier and Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island. These offices are the centre of our operations and are used to house field equipment, firefighting equipment, maps and records.

From time to time we have our planting, pruning and thinning operations audited by an independent consultant. Our Company strives to deliver the best management techniques available and through the audit process, and are able to benchmark ourselves with other management companies to ensure that we continue to provide cutting edge management services.

The regular review of our systems ensures they are appropriate and relevant for the current environment with our services being delivered in the most cost effective way. Our staff is encouraged to be innovative, contributing to the success of FMNZ.

“We are a field oriented company with the focus on ensuring staff are familiar with all of the forests we manage not just the parts they can see from the road or the track. Our emphasis is on practical, hands on forest management.”

The friendly FMNZ staff knew exactly what I was looking for from the get go and answered any questions I had in detail. Their excellent service exceeded my expectations and made the whole experience extremely worthwhile. Click here for more testimonials

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